Communications Audit

A communications audit allows a firm to evaluate the effectiveness of its current communications strategy and provides a clear picture of its position and public profile.

It’s crucial for firms to have a true understanding of how they are perceived in the market across both traditional and social media. Through an assessment of its communications program, a firm can gain valuable insight into the program’s strengths and weaknesses, and in turn develop strategies to improve future communications.

Cognito understands the value of market perception. Through a combination of deep industry expertise and the firm’s own proprietary technology, Cognito Analytics, we are able to provide clients with an effective tool to help tailor messages to target media and audiences and inform future communication strategies. Our services include:


  • Evaluation of existing and past communications
  • Key messages, audiences, media coverage
  • Competitor analysis
  • Executive interviews
  • Client/target audience surveys
  • SWOT analysis
  • Development of communications plan

Communications Audit Contacts

Brittany Lett

Senior Account Manager



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