Corporate Communications

Securing and maintaining a robust license to operate has become critical to all corporations but is seldom more central than in the case of financial services. We assist clients to ensure their corporate communications strategies and activities—both proactive and reactive—are well integrated and aligned with all their diverse audiences, including regulators, financial counterparties, media, exchanges/platforms, suppliers, intermediaries, partners, staff and corporate and retail customers.

Effective corporate communications helps maximize favorable perceptions across audiences, and thus both mitigates reputational risks and supports differentiation to deliver a strong bedrock for effective marketing communications. Based on a rich understanding of audience motivation in financial services, we help with:

  • Messaging and positioning development
  • Crisis communications planning
  • Media and stakeholder audits
  • Stakeholder outreach programs
  • Internal communications, including audits, polling and town hall organization
  • Selection and marketing of CSR and philanthropic activities
  • CEO profiling, such as conference platforms
  • Maximizing trade and industry association involvement

Corporate Communications Contacts

Andrew Marshall

Deputy CEO



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