Data and Technology

The use of big data and technology is changing the way financial PR operates. As big data and technology have made their mark in the marketing space providing metrics, automated systems and never-ending tracking and reporting, financial PR has been struggling to keep up.

Cognito understands the power big data brings to the table and how technology can be used to bring insights to communications and marketing professionals throughout the industry.

With Cognito Analytics, Cognito is able to produce big data from little data, helping industry professionals make smarter decisions about using technologies and helping PR professionals earn their seat at the table.

Cognito Analytics is Cognito’s proprietary technology, which:

  • Tracks, measures and analyzes media coverage
  • Aggregates key industry events, awards and editorial opportunities
  • Provides benchmarking and competitive tracking

By having access to focused data sets, communications professionals can now pull key metrics and analyses that help show the value they are adding to the business, one article at a time.

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