Day in the Life: Intern – Bradley Harris

I wanted at an internship in public relations agency in order to learn about working in media and publicity at the ground level. I knew that employers value staff with a thorough understanding and ability to convey a message through a rapidly changing media landscape. My experience at Cognito has delivered on that promise, as I have become an active component of a team that represents leading financial firms.

My daily responsibilities are fundamental to the operations of my team. They include:

  • Writing briefing materials to help clients prepare for upcoming interviews. This involves providing background information, explaining the scope of the media opportunity, and focuses the client of the key messages he/she needs to get across.
  • Conducting media audits and producing briefing sheets for new or prospective clients. These are analytical documents that help Cognito understand how firms have positioned themselves in the press. This allows my team to develop the appropriate Public Relations strategy for our clients.
  • Monitoring coverage and producing reports for our clients. These monthly and quarterly reports serve to keep our clients abreast of anytime they are featured in the media. As an intern, I take a lead in creating these documents, which are sent to executives including the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Executive Officer of our clients.
  • Compiling a U.S. business and financial news report that keeps Cognito and our clients up-to-date with the current media landscape. We recently started including data from our Cognito technology products, Analytics and Opportunities, so clients have access to upcoming editorial calendars and trending Twitter topics.

At Cognito, not only am I actively involved in the core activities of my team, but I can learn from observing operations at the highest level. I regularly work with colleagues up to the vice president-level. I have learned a great deal through observing how the senior management conducts meetings, interact with clients and solves problems.

As an intern at Cognito, I have developed my communications and management skills, as well as deepened my knowledge of the financial industry. I am certain this experience will serve me well in my career.

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