Day in the Life: Senior Account Executive - Divya Samtani

My Job

As a Senior Account Executive at Cognito, I oversee all client accounts for the marketing and design team. Along with leading client meetings, managing our team’s workflow and working collaboratively to ensure we deliver creative solutions to our clients, I also manage various projects including but not limited to media buying, content production, collateral creation, event strategy, social communications and creative concept development.

Beyond the colossal breadth and diversity of learning opportunities that my role calls for, what I also love is that I get the opportunity to follow a campaign through from start to finish – from devising the strategy and executing on deliverables to tracking the results and evaluating the outcome. Being able to add value to every step of the process and seeing our work lead to a demonstrable impact on our clients’ bottom line continues to be a rewarding experience.

My Working Day

7.30am – I like to get a head start on my day by getting into the office early and reading up on the day’s headlines. This helps keep my finger on the pulse of the latest developments in both the FS and marketing world. I share any articles that I find relevant with coworkers and clients which is always useful in keeping us ahead of the curve.

8.00am – Combing through my emails from the night before, I notice a note from a colleague in Singapore regarding a content program for a joint account. I give him a quick call and we discuss the thinking behind the blogs that we produced and how they might be able to translate that messaging for the Asian market. Being able to share ideas with our regional offices is a great way to deepen our understanding of the global financial landscape.

9.00am – As the office starts to come to life, I regroup with the design team for a quick catch up on the status of our projects and run through any upcoming meetings or calls. The discussion usually culminates with an animated retelling of our previous nights’ escapades and food adventures.

9.30am – Daily check-in call with a corporate payments client to discuss our actions for the day. These quick chats are helpful to ensure we are all on the same page and this morning we focus on next steps for an infographic. We think about effective ways to present the data that was recently garnered for a research study in a way that’s compelling for our target audience.

10.15am – I’m on the phone with colleagues in our UK office to discuss opportunities for collaboration on a social marketing campaign that we are driving in the lead up to a major industry event. We’ve seen a definite uptick in interest from our clients to become part of the social movement which is pretty exciting given that it’s been such an area of uncertainty in the past.

11.00am – I head to a pitch meeting with the managing director where we present our recommendations for the launch of a new FinTech product. Discussing high level business and marketing strategy with C-suite executives is always an exhilarating experience and we recommend ways in which to position them as a disruptive player in a constantly evolving landscape. We propose an unconventional approach that we think will really resonate with their end users and cut through the noise in their space – after further discussion it looks like they’re bought in!

12.45pm – On my way back I pick up a salad from my favorite place down the street and battle my way to the office through FiDi’s regular throng of tourists. It seems like they just never get enough questionable poses and pictures around that bull…

1.00pm – I arrive back in the office just in time to join for a cross-team meeting to discuss how we can refresh and modernize a client’s branding as a forward-thinking buy-side data provider. Contrary to people’s beliefs about the B2B space, we’ve definitely noticed innovative initiatives becoming a board-level priority for most of our clients, and so we often draw inspiration from the B2C realm when looking to differentiate them in a crowded market.

2.30pm – My rep from the FT pops in with a much needed coffee in hand to discuss how we can craft a high-impact mobile advertising campaign for a major telecoms player wanting to target a very niche audience. It’s always great to discover new things out there and today she tells me about updates to their targeting capabilities and native advertising properties.

3.45pm – The team prepares for a weekly catch-up call with a banking client in South America. We’ve just finished building and designing their new state-of-the-art website and are now looking at ways to amplify their brand presence through thought leadership content and social media.

4.30pm – Finally a stretch of quiet to put my head down and do some industry research on hedge fund marketing for an RFP we received. Just as I get into a particularly juicy white paper on how hedge funds are orienting themselves in light of the JOBS act and the ongoing regulatory reforms, I’m interrupted by the sudden cacophony of voices singing happy birthday to a coworker. As I stand up to join the others crowding around her desk, I notice a gigantic ice cream cake making its way to the kitchen – guess I’ll have to grab a slice then…or two!

6.00pm – I wrap up my work for the day and make sure we are all prepared for an upcoming discovery day in North Carolina. These messaging workshops usually involve several hours of uninterrupted high energy discourse with key stakeholders and a flurry of post-its being plastered across the walls, but it always proves to be quite a cathartic experience, for all involved!

6.30pm - Head out to a drinks reception hosted by the Financial Communications Society at a swanky new bar in midtown – definitely a fun way to mix work and pleasure. I grab a drink, a couple canapés and settle in for an evening of great conversation and networking with peers and veterans in the industry.

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