International Campaigns

As a result of new media technologies, information is no longer constrained by borders. While this allows for access to an expanded set of potential customers, it also comes with challenges. What happens when your French client starts to complain about an article that ran overnight in Taiwan? How can you make sure that press messages comply with different reporting and disclosure standards across jurisdictions?

As a global agency, Cognito is used to handling these questions and many more in a coordinated and highly strategic way. We start from our offices in New York, London, Singapore, Boston and Los Angeles, each with on-the-ground expertise in local, regional and national press markets, and work as one team. We find at least 25% of our clients engage us in a minimum of two regions.

We also have a network of partner agencies and trusted consultants for when your business takes you to places such as Korea, Japan, China or San Francisco. Our in-house team has a variety of language skills, including French, German, Chinese and Hindi, and the ability to do fast, accurate translation.

No matter where you are across the globe, Cognito can help tackle your communications challenges.

International Campaigns Contacts

Tim Williamson

Managing Director,
Asia Pacific



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