International Reach

Unusual for a specialist financial services communications firm, Cognito is able to support global programs with on-the-ground support in all three major time zones. We have grown organically from one office to five, in New York, London, Singapore, Los Angeles and Boston, along with a full-time consultant in Sydney, Australia.

Beyond these markets, we regularly undertake financial media relations for clients across other European, Asian and Latin American markets. We have speakers of Italian, German, French, Arabic, Chinese and other languages on our team, and we have a strong international mindset to achieve effective results.

We directly handle media for several major financial conferences taking place internationally, including TradeTech and Sibos, and also invest in sending staff to many leading industry conferences taking place outside our home markets, such as EuroFinance.

In addition, we have close relationships with best-in-breed partner agencies in most significant markets, thus enabling us to deliver local advice and execution for clients in a flexible, cost-effective manner. For example, we can contribute on a project basis to support specific initiatives such as product or service launches.

Our international reach has made us an attractive partner to many clients based outside major financial centers, who are now seeking to establish their market presence in New York, London or Singapore/Hong Kong.

On financial regulatory matters, we are used to working in partnership with clients’ public affairs advisors in centers such as Brussels and Washington, D.C.

As Cognito grows, we continue to evaluate the options for adding to our offices and further developing our partner network, in order to be able to support our clients as new markets grow in importance for them.

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