Investor Relations

Our work includes support for IR programs and financial results communications, geared to help companies maximize fair valuation over the long term.

Our services include:

  • Securities analyst polling
  • Rehearsal of roadshows, results presentations and media calls
  • Advice and drafting on results decks, and results announcements
  • Roadshow organization and event management
  • Annual report writing
  • Media handling of financial communications
  • Pre-IPO profiling and marketing (to the extent allowable in any given market)

Whether IR forms a central part of a client assignment or not, as financial services specialists we have a deep understanding of how a company’s communications can have IR implications, thus requiring long-term consistency in disclosure and messaging. For public companies, this affects all media communications directly through fair disclosure/market-sensitive rules by regulators such as the SEC, the U.K. Listing Authority and the Monetary Authority of Singapore. For many of our privately held clients, whether by private equity or by founders/entrepreneurs, our communications activities must also be undertaken with a view to IR implications around future exits, IPOs and mergers.

Investor Relations Contacts

Andrew Marshall

Deputy CEO



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