Marketing Communications

Competition in the global business environment is tough, and corporations are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits that can be reaped from a well-managed marketing communications program. In order to stay on top of the decision-making process and encourage the next step, it’s crucial for firms to have an understanding of the content prospects are engaging with and the channels they are responding to—whether digital, print or in person.

As an integrated agency, Cognito offers all the services you will need for your marketing and communications efforts. Our marketing services are multidisciplinary, as we work across an array of platforms, all focused on managing your core messaging. We partner with our clients to package and convey your value proposition through the most effective channels, optimizing your marketing budget and making the greatest impact on your target audience.

From conceptualization to production, we can direct, design and deliver the right marketing material to your clients. Our work is grounded in your marketing goals, which means that tracking success through metric measurement is a significant component of our overall offering.

Marketing Communications Contacts

Michael Constantine

Director of Creative Strategy



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