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Financial media is in the midst of a transformation, with outlets seeking new revenue models, optimizing for mobile and investing more in video and other digital content. Journalists’ behavior has changed as well. Compelling media relations today requires blending a good nose for stories with a deep understanding of this new multi-channel world. Our approach is characterized by:

  • Media planning: This is based not on gut feeling, but on hard audience data, to ensure campaign alignment with business objectives.
  • Commercial insight: We talk regularly to the commercial ends of outlets to understand their business strategies; earned media is no longer an ivory tower.
  • Analytics: We measure the impact of PR activity with our Cognito Analytics and can change course quickly to keep results on track.
  • Thought leadership: We love digging out newsworthy content from busy spokespeople and long documents using bespoke story creation tools.
  • Risk awareness: We appreciate the reputational risks that financial companies face in today’s media and public climate. Our advice is rooted in an assessment of business benefit and downside risk—not just media engagement for its own sake.
  • Understanding journalists: We “man-mark” journalists at all stages of the career curve, from rookie to senior columnist. Our people attend everything they can from industry conferences to parties.
  • Editorial calendars: We monitor upcoming feature opportunities systematically with our Cognito Analytics Opportunities product, enabling our consultants to be more productive.
  • Creativity: Regular training and brainstorms ensure we never forget that even financial media relations requires creativity, whether in the form of human interest angles, photography, video or diary stories. Our mix of PR handlers, social planners and visual designers allows for great creative tension.
  • Media training/briefing: Our rigorous process equips clients to make the most of interviews. We share our own media databases across all our offices, as media practices differ a lot internationally.
  • Reaching reporters via social media: We all engage reporters in this way, recognizing that most use social media for research, to share ideas and to boost their own profiles. Our Comtela monitoring tool helps measure journalists’ current agenda.
  • Marketing earned media results: We know how to best help clients market earned media results through owned channels, negotiating the increasingly tough copyright arena.
  • Clients first and always: While we’re close to many reporters, we never forget we’re there to represent our clients.


Media Relations Contacts

Andrew Marshall

Deputy CEO



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