Core messaging is a critical element in ensuring a strategy is successful, and represents a great opportunity to reach existing and potentially new audiences in a highly competitive environment. Messaging should encapsulate your company’s core values, differentiate you from the competition and be understood by your target audience. Strong messages will ensure clarity, define priorities and bridge the gap between strategy and execution.

A defined messaging strategy enables you to deliver clear, consistent and powerful messages across all internal and external channels that will captivate and engage with the audience.

Cognito works with clients to craft powerful and relevant messages that will articulate mission, resonate with audiences and set you apart from the competition. Essentially, we help you develop strong, relevant, consistent and timely communications to engage your customers quickly and generate the right results for you and your business.

We help clients to:

  • Craft mission and vision statements
  • Define company core messaging and taglines
  • Develop product positioning and messaging
  • Integrate messaging throughout the company and across materials

Messaging Contacts

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