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A Message from Main Street

The recent holiday brought me home to Central Connecticut. While driving on I-84 through Hartford, my attention was caught by a large billboard facing the Westbound traffic. It featured a simple message from a local commercial and retail bank – Simsbury Bank – reassuring client’s and prospective clients of the stability and solvency of their institution.

A visit to their Website reiterates a similar message, emphasizing the need for personalized attention amidst the current environment. Clicking on the President’s Message, the viewer is treated to a cohesive explanation of the current state of the market and a clear explanation of the benefits of going local when it comes to personal finance. The message here is an effective distancing from the tumult on Wall Street, with the President going so far as to lay out the bank’s capital position in plain view.

As Wall Street considers absorbing regional and local institutions - making its foray into deposit banking - they should keep in mind the intimate fiduciary message that is necessary on Main Street. Without it, public trust will be harder to gain and healthier balance sheets elusive

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