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Plane Stupid

Private jet crashAnother private jet story. Seriously? I know it will probably pay for itself but that no longer matters, given the world we live in today (see post below). With this in mind, some friendly advice to financial institutions:

- If you haven't already, now is the time to involve your most trusted communications aides (internal or external it doesn't matter) in major decisions moving forward. 

- Lose the insular, 'emperor's new clothes' attitude and embrace the possibility that these people may tell you some things about your firm or even yourself which will fundamentally challenge your viewpoint. Empower them to disagree with you.

- Undertake a comprehensive (doesn't have to be expensive) communications risk analysis. Task your team with the role of investigative journalists - as senior political candidates do - and ask them to dig through everything (public records, past scandals, even the company trash) in search of potentially embarrassing weak spots. As an example they could find out if you are scheduled to take receipt of any large items in the near future, like a private jet.

Successfully identifying and anticipating potential problems is the first step towards seizing back the communication agenda.

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