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AIMA starting to show it's teeth?

A report in today's Wall St Journal states that "Hedge funds have written to U.K. lawmakers ahead of this week's G20 summit to lobby against an international push for more regulation and to promote their industry"

The article went further to quote Andrew Baker, Chief Executive of AIMA saying, "In the global scheme of things, the hedge fund industry is dwarfed by the really big players. The entire global hedge fund industry is smaller than the balance sheets of some banks, for example"

Are we seeing the beginnings of the hedge fund PR counteroffensive? For many months now, hedge funds have been the whipping boys of the media, regulators and the man in the street. Until recently it's been obvious that not many in the industry were willing to stick their heads above the parapet to defend themselves. Since AIMA has found a new chief executive, however, things have changed. The trade body has started to move towards its aims to "increase investor education, transparency and promote due diligence and related sound practices". Long may it continue.

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