Posted by Cognito on Thu, Apr 16 2009

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Dimon Quotes Hawthorne

Very interesting message this morning from JPM on the repaying the TARP funds. Aparently accepting this money has been a Scarlet Letter which Dimon is keen to pay back as soon as possible. Also we won't be participating in the PPIP. Probably one of the pricklier 'thank you notes' a creditor has received in a while.

The messaging is debatable but kudos to Dimon for the literary plug. There's not nearly enough of this stuff in today's corporate-speak. I'm looking forward to seeing whether Edward Liddy's next address to Congress and the Senate will include a little Shakespeare: "A curse on both your houses!" or if Vikram Pandit will bust out some Oscar Wilde: "If I hadn't my debts, I shouldnt have anything to think about!"

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