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Clicking Around SIFMA TMC - with mySIFMAtmc Mobile

If you have been to SIFMA TMC before, you probably already know that a good portion of your time is spent buried in your BlackBerry looking up contacts, surfing the web for relevant news updates or looking for a decent restaurant to grab a meal close by the conference. Pyxis Mobile, a provider of mobile applications, has teamed up with Wall Street & Technology to develop the first ever mobile application for the 2009 SIFMA Technology Management Conference. The mySIFMAtmc app, exclusively for BlackBerry devices, offers its users a flexible and convenient way to organize their entire conference from their smartphone.

Here is a list of some of the most exciting features:

  • The "Exhibitor Watchlist" allows users to organize exhibitors of interest into a personalized mobile watchlist which they can access in one click.
  • The "Speakeasy Communicator" allows users to post personal comments, thoughts, or suggestions on a mobile message board only accessible by application users.
  • Real-time news updates provided by Wall Street & Technology and Advanced Trading, leading publications for the most up-to-the-minute SIFMA TMC news.
  • Those not familiar with the area, or those just looking to get some inside tips, can receive suggestions on where to eat, meet, and get a taxi near the event's location.

This new application that will make time spent running around the conference a more effective and much simpler experience. And as we would all agree with the conference looming before us, simple is good.

To download the mySIFMAtmc Mobile app, type the following into your BlackBerry browser: or


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