Posted by Tom Coombes on Sun, Aug 09 2009

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The future of the Trades

The debate in the media centers around how to develop new business models and revenue streams fast enough to survive, let alone grow. Murdoch's brave move is being closely monitored by many publishers. In the B2B financial sector, where issues are complex, independent and authoritative opinion is absolutely crucial. Readers want unbiased opinion from experienced market professionals and journalists. But providing such information, on a regular basis, does not come cheap. As editors and publishers in financial services look to work out how to provide advertising that gives clear analytics and metrics, while monetizing their content, they should look to the niche areas of finance, who struggled with this issue many years back. The corporate treasury publishing sector, which deals with huge issues, has developed creative models to survive and is well supported by the banks and vendors to whom they are vital. At Cognito, we are working with our clients to ensure that their PR and advertising campaigns are totally aligned, so that the media we all value so highly, are properly supported. 

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