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Live Blogging - TSAM North America 2009 - Part 2

10:05am - Jessica Hazzard, Putnam Investments, presents on the benefits of strategic reporting.

She offers a four-point process on how to maximize the benefits of client reporting:

  • Understand your clients' needs and your own capabilities - Develop standards that meet or exceed the clients' requirements, and measure your service levels - you need to know where you're starting from.
  • Improve efficiency - first, identify inefficiencies/pain points to ensure data accuracy, timeliness, and consistency. Second, can the process be scaled? Third, how can the workflow and organizational structure be maximized? Finally, look at reporting across the company instead of just isolated client reports.
  • Improve data quality - This is easier said than done! The process: create data definitions, establish clear ownership for data quality (who owns what?), determine where data resides (in reporting application, in middleware, or in underlying data sources), check data as far upstream as possible, develop a daily discipline, and educate data owners on client reporting aspect of data.
  • Effective implementation - phased implementation is best: by asset class, by report type, or by client

The result will improved client experience - the client will get what they want, how they want it.

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