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Capitalism: a sob story

Capitalism: A love story cinema advert

Cognito New York took a field trip this week to watch Michael Moore's latest documentary movie, Capitalism: A Love Story.

While Moore is clearly a master of the agitprop genre, he takes the low road with this latest effort, willfully embodying and inflating the worst misperceptions about the financial industry. Anyone concerned with the reputation of banks and financial regulators should see this movie if only to get a good indication of the scale of the challenges ahead.

Moore, like the public he makes his films for, is unable to decide between the opposing pictures of mindless greed and brilliant global conspiracy. Instead he settles, unconvincingly, on both and fills in the gaps with heart-rending snapshots of how the recession has impacted working families across America. The result is an emotionally compelling but intellectually weak soup of a movie.The saddest thing about Capitalism: A Love Story, for those of us actually working in the financial industry, is knowing what an excellent movie it could have been. There are occasional glimpses in to legitimate avenues of inquiry: the role of the derivatives market, Goldman's influence on policy making, deregulation. Unfortunately, these insightful moments are drowned out by a 90-minute tirade at what seemed to be everything and nothing in particular.

Capitalism: A Love Story is a great concept for a movie and it deserves to be made one day.

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