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RiskMetrics up for Sale - 2010 FinTech M&A gets started with a bang....

As we cross into the first week of Feburary, its looking like the financial technology space is really heating up for some serious M&A activity this year. Last week the WSJ broke the story on RiskMetrics putting itself up for sale: Not only did the Journal speculate on potential buyers (Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, and MSCI amongst them), but they also went so far as to suggest that Interactive Data Corp (IDC) might also be on the block, and potentially an even juicer prospect.

Also last week, General Atlantic, the Greenwich CT PE firm purchased a 7.5% stake in Markit. According to a statement, and an article in Securities Industry News:, General Atlantic will "assist Markit in developing its growth strategy further and executing 'value-creating acquisitions' ".

In addition to the above, we've already seen some significant dealflow this year with the most interesting transactions being in the commodities space (Triple Point Technology and OpenLink have both announced acquisitions in January) and of course Citi's sale of LavaFX to FXAll. Surely we are just getting started....

For those venerable marketing communication folks out there who work for a FinTech company that may do a deal this year, what are the major tenants to keep in mind when communicating both internally and externally? While it doesn't encompass the whole spectrum, you'd get a head start if you keep the following at the top of the list: preparation, strategic press interaction, and good internal communication.

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