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Cognito NY Throws Annual Summer Executive Networking Reception

Last week, we threw our annual summer Executive Networking Reception at the Hotel Giraffe in New York. Over 50 executives amongst clients, industry friends and fans gathered on the top floor to enjoy cocktails, warm weather, and good conversation. With a lot to celebrate, including the 2010 SIFMA Expo kick-off, we invited Pimm Fox, host of Bloomberg's Taking Stock, to share a few words about the changing media landscape. Under cover of the penthouse suite, adorned in none other than giraffe décor, Fox opened the session up to questions.

Like the sleep pattern of a giraffe (1-12 minutes at a time) the media hardly ever rests. This is especially true in 2010 and as asked by a party goer and detailed by Fox, now more than ever we are seeing media companies compete to deliver news for the masses. From Bloomberg's collaboration with BusinessWeek and the Wall Street Journal's explicit intention to pilfer The New York Times' audience, it is no secret that the once fragmented news business has the potential to turn into an all-out battle for broad readership.

For our clients, we are continuing to seek the best way to capitalize on these changes without trading in their identities. Should we embrace this transformation, or like a human fingerprint or giraffe's coat, seek to be unique?

We're thankful that so many people took the time to break from the busy halls of SIFMA and even busier days at their desks to join us for the reception.

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