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Information wants to be free? You get what you pay for...

Photo of Andrew Breitbart on Fox News

Congratulations citizens of the world. The final days of the prophesy are at hand and information is almost completely free! Let Joshua's holy trumpet sound once more, the odious and restrictive pay walls that kept you from the knowledge you sought are crumbling and falling. No longer will your hard-earned money be thrown away on profligate fact-checkers and pointless proof-readers. No longer will meddlesome copy-editors get between you and the truth. From here on your information will come direct from the source, unconstrained by such petty and outmoded concerns as objectivity and taste.  

In this new, shiny and Breit-bart world, soccer moms with dial-up modems will deliver your breaking news, fully fact-checked by tweenagers on wikipedia. Fox news contributors will crowd-source the very latest hearsay via their Facebook group and deliver it to you as iron-clad fact. Need to corroborate a story? Simply choose between 4000 conflicting retweets and pick whichever version of events best suits your political temperament.  

But our work is not yet complete. Still a few remaining regional and trade publications cling to the harmful ways of the past. Let us be unrelenting, let us not rest until every publishing house is put out of business, until every so-called journalist is unemployed, until all news is filtered through racist 8th graders and delivered via Google Buzz, until we are able to join hands and sing in the words of wikipedia entry: "free at last, free at last, thank God almighty information's free at last"

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