Posted by Tom Coombes on Tue, Jan 04 2011

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2011 PR: smart firms are using data analysis to improve their PR

Data Analysis

Financial sector firms should expect a more analytical and data driven approach to their PR. Any firm embarking on a PR program for 2011 should be able to see detailed analysis of the firm's media profile historically, and to analyse how their profile compares to their peers and competitors, before beginning to plan and execute any new activity. Better analysis, targetting and impact forecasting of any PR should be pre requisites. As the level of information and noise in the industry gets bigger, more interesting, creative and thoughtful communications will become ever more essential. Data and analysis at the planning stage will help make PR more succesful. Cognito's clients have unparalleled information on competitive positioning, targetting and positioning as well as access to powerful analytics on their PR history and performance.

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