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Exemplary use of hashtags in Finance - @IBSIntelligence

Pie Chart of Hashtags used in Finance

Twitter itself can be daunting, let alone working out how to use hashtags effectively. The simple truth is that hashtags signal which topic you are addressing and allow your voice to be heard. So anyone wanting to look up the conversation around High Frequent Trading on Twitter for example, needs only to search for #HFT and they will be able to find that conversation. So if you are involved in HFT and want to be seen in the conversation and your voice to he heard, simply hashtag relevant messages with #HFT. Hashtags are also used for sentiment or even humour, but the basic principles are as above.

The media and PR industry in Financial services are now starting to see the benefits of Twitter in earnest. Some publications are really starting to use it to their benefit. See above the analysis of @IBSintelligence use of hashtags over the last few months from Cognito Analytics. Clear, relevant, compelling.

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