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Twama: The fall of being an online Weiner

Twama [twah-muh] -noun- Carrying on your personal issues with someone over Twitter.

Last week marked the dramatic and highly-public fall of Congressman Anthony Weiner. With the US politician finally bowing to the drama caused by his lewd Twitter and online exchanges with young women, a new word was introduced to the ever-expanding Twitter slang universe: TWAMA.

Weiner's departure was the inevitable outcome of a social media gaff as pointed out by Cognito President Dan Simon’s blog commenting on the dangerous potential of social media. As Reuters reported on Friday, one in three Americans say they have tweeted or posted something online that they later regretted. But what about bankers? Politicians? Or other equally public figures? Could we argue now that one in three American politicians have tweeted or posted something online that they later regretted?

Certainly, the financial services industry doesn’t need any more drama as the markets continue to roil – and even moreso, we definitely don’t need more TWAMA.

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