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Sibos Social Media Conversation Hots up..

Those going to Sibos in Toronto this September will find a world of information on social channels - notably Twitter - about the event. If you've been using Twitter at any industry events this year, you may have discovered that there's a huge commentary and narrative about the event going on online. Often this is extremely insightful and can be more telling than many of the sessions themselves.

For Sibos, we're expecting a substantial amount of conversation, analysis, news and opinion to be initiated and propogated through Twitter. Use of the #sibos hashtag is unlikely to be sufficiently detailed if the current analysis of the Sibos conversation is anything to go by. Delegates will need to focus in on more specific areas of conversation to get real meaning from the topics they are interested in. The word cloud below from Cognito Analytics shows the key words being discussed around Sibos at the moment - already 6 weeks before the event. Watch this space for more information on Cognito Analytics and Sibos.

Sibos Preview

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