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Winning coverage in Asia

With Europe struggling with its own debt woes and the United States dealing with recessionary risk, it was Asia that was first to rebound from the 2008 global financial crisis and will continue to lead economic growth going ahead even in the current volatile environment. With the emergence of increasingly competitive markets, companies need to try harder to convey a positive image and sell their products and services.

As financial markets in Asia continue to develop, the flow of information upon which marketplace depends will become increasingly more crucial. This is reflected on the growing importance of financial and business media as companies seek to influence their standing in the market. Financial trade publications are gaining ground and there is an increasing need for high quality content around trends in the market, prominent financial services and latest technology news.

With the huge surge of new wealth in Asia, for the first time now there are more high net worth individuals in Asia than in Europe. Financial advisors, asset managers and investors are measured not only by the value of their assets under management and profits they claim to make but also on their status and expertise on the recent market activities discussed in the media.

PR for financial services and financial technology in Asia is on the threshold of very exciting opportunities, but will also face the challenges in the world’s fastest growing and exciting market. Winning coverage in Asia will demand a finely nuanced sense of communication with diverse constituencies in sometimes very muddled geographic, linguistic and cultural boundaries.

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