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Cognito Webinar: Measuring and Tracking Your Media Profile

How Cognito Analytics can help you improve your market profile

Thursday 18th November Start Time:
16.00 GMT/ 11.00 EST/ 08.00 PST
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Learn how to use Twitter effectively in Cognito Analytics

  • Use your coverage to market your business
  • Push your links and drive traffic
  • Measure your Twitter impact

Join us for a free webinar to find out how you can now accurately measure and track your firm’s profile and PR program. Cognito has developed a new tool, Cognito Analytics, that helps firms in the financial sector to monitor and track their PR and media profile. Cognito Analytics is being used by a growing number of leading firms in the sector.

Cognito Analytics enables you to see:

  • The level and quality of your media profile
  • Where you are appearing and what is being said about you
  • The impact of your news and messaging
  • How effective and active your company spokespeople are
  • Your impact in social media channels
  • How you compare to your competitors and what they are saying
  • Your competitors' Twitter activity

Find out how Cognito Analytics is helping firms in financial services to improve their business and communication program through the use of specialist technology and analysis.


Introduction: Tom Coombes, CEO, Cognito How monitoring and tracking your media and market profile can help your business. What the best firms in the market are now doing.

An Overview of Cognito Analytics: An overview of the system and its capabilities.


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