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Cognito Asia welcomes the Year of Water Dragon 2012

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On the 23rd of January, Chinese worldwide celebrate one of the most important occasions of the year - the welcoming of Lunar New Year, more popularly known as the Chinese New Year.

This year's celebration marks the arrival of the Year of the Water Dragon, a mythical animal bringing good luck and prosperity. According to legend, the dragon brings in the Four Blessings of the East: wealth, prosperity, happiness and longevity. The dragon has had 8,000 years of rich and colourful history among the Chinese, and is the most special mythical symbol amongst the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac.

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The Asia-Pacific region symbolizes similar qualities to the mythical dragon – it is seen as a powerful, influential symbol of prosperity. During the challenging global economic times Asia is anticipated to lead the way for a new growth throughout the course of the Year of the Dragon.

This year also has the elements of water and yang, representing a flowing river rather than a stagnant lake. This is expected to bring flowing ideas and creativity, potentially booming economies and cultural and political changes. Associated with thunder, lightning and awakening, the Water Dragon personalises inspiration at its best.

Cognito Asia is committed to support our clients to achieve success and prosperity during the Year of the Water Dragon, with creativity and excellence to enhance the potential of this promising Lunar Year.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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