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10 Cognito Commandments for B2B Social Media

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The concept of B2B social media in the financial services industry is uncharted territory for most people. It may seem intimidating and scary, but if you put a structure around it, it’s really not.

Cognito has put together our 10 Cognito Commandments to help you navigate this new space. These ‘commandments’ are designed to provide you with fundamental guidelines you should remember when drafting your social media strategy.

We will take you through each commandment, one-by-one, and welcome your comments, feedback and experiences.

Cognito Commandment #1: Establish Business Objectives

Often, firms think they need to engage in social media simply because everyone else is doing it – but this often proves disastrous as companies don’t maximize social media or give it the attention and planning it deserves.  Don’t succumb to the pressure of “We need to do something in social media.”

The fact is, social media needs a framework in place and should be considered a fundamental and integral part of your overall communications strategy. Like any other communications activity, firms should begin by asking "What are we trying to achieve?" The answer to that simple question should inform everything you do and – crucially – what you choose not to do.

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