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That Which You Measure, Will Improve

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"When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates,” says Pearson’s law.

In this new era of public relations, measurement has become a key underlying component of PR. Of course, traditional PR skills and tactics are still the core tenets of any good media relations program. Clients still value creativity, industry knowledge and contacts more than anything else, and the media love a scoop and need good sources.

However, there are new priorities and drivers. Factors such as the new media landscape, greater expectation from PR, budget pressure and the facilitation of the communication process (think Twitter vs. BusinessWire), are all changing the industry. They put pressure on businesses to be more effective in their communication with pressured resources. Do more with less, essentially.

Good measurement should go beyond volume and sentiment. At Cognito, we believe that we have taken media and measurement to a new standard by developing a simple and effective solution to help companies improve their media targeting and PR programs overall.

We believe you should measure the following:

  • Type of coverage your firm gets, as well as volume and sentiment
  • Media targeting i.e. how well you focus and get results
  • Message composition and effectiveness
  • Composition, impact and consistency of news flow
  • Spokesperson effectiveness, activity and placement
  • Social media and leads from PR

These should all be measured against key competitors and this should be done at the beginning, middle and end of a media program.

It is only through an analytical approach to PR that companies can really see where they are being effective, and how they need to change. As the expectation from PR increases to delivering leads, establishing a share of voice and maintaining thought leadership, PR’s must use more data and analysis to steer their programs more effectively and really show their value.

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