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AVE is Dead; Long Live AVE!

Measurement is key to any business activity. This is especially true for PR and communications, but currently there are no industry standard metrics that show the value of PR to the business. The International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communications (AMEC) is trying to change that. AMEC is a global trade body that brings together media evaluation and communication research professionals, with a goal to develop the measurement industry and create professional standards to be used by agencies and individuals alike.

Recently, Cognito attended AMEC’s 4th Annual Conference on Measurement and has compiled key takeaways that you should consider for your PR activity.

For more details on the following takeaways, download the PDF.

  1. Integrated and holistic views of communications are crucial.
  2. Benchmark! Benchmark! Benchmark!
  3. Communications should be measured on three impact levels: Outputs, Outcomes, Business Results.
  4. Always lead with objectives and goal setting.
  5. The industry is working to equate PR outputs to Sales.
  6. AVE’s are dead, but there is no consensus for a replacement.
  7. Emerging industry standards for PR measurement are The Barcelona Principles.
  8. ‘Influencers’ and ‘Engagement’ – the keys to social media.
  9. Social media is about measuring quality over quantity.
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