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Holiday Party Drinks: The Wall St. Edition

For the past 5 years, Cognito has produced a finance-themed drinks menu for our holiday party. CNBC and Wall Street & Technology magazine both covered it this as in years past. Below is this year’s selection. Enjoy! Our clients did:

The Goldman Schnapps The choice of Muppets everywhere. This concoction is so delicious it’ll make you want to write an op-ed in the New York Times about it.

The Ryebor This whiskey cocktail is scandalously good and fixed just the way you like it! It’s bound to pique your interest—or lower it, whichever you prefer.

The GupTanqueray The insiders drink of choice. The secrets of this delectable gin cocktail are only shared by a few, usually over cellphone.

The Fiscal Snifter Brace yourself for the impending economic cataclysm with this invigorating cocktail mix. A 50/50 blend of equally astringent ingredients make for a much needed tonic in these tough times. (SERVE ICE WATER WITH LIME.)

The Knight CapIf you’ve had a rough year why not call it a night and kick back with this perfect peachy preparation? After all, tomorrow is another (trading) day!

This year the Cognito staff voted on which cocktails should make the list. Unfortunately, a number of worthy candidates did not make it in to the final list, including the “Screw-E3“, the “Suckerberg” and “ Harvey Whalebanger“!

Drinks Menu 2012

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