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13 Free Apps for Financial Communications Professionals

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season in full swing, mobility is more important than ever for PR professionals. In financial media, there’s no logging off – we must stay up-to-date on financial news and suss out emerging trends and angles before the competition. Clients expect only the best.

Our Cognito list of the best financial apps includes more than a dozen tools designed to help PR pros to be smarter and more efficient. These apps allow professionals to monitor industry news and trends, engage via social channels, and further enhance your knowledge of the financial services space to stay organized.

All of these apps are free to download. We’ve included links to the iTunes store, but most are also available in Android and Blackberry versions:

Forbes Intelligent InvestingAccess articles, videos, and panel discussions that focus on current investment topics and present exclusive editorial from investment strategists and forecasters that influence the financial landscape.

Investopedia – Access Investopedia's financial dictionary of over 11,000 financial terms and definitions.

iTrade Stock Market SimulatorThe app will allow you to gain some insight into the activities of real-life traders by allowing you to manage a virtual stock portfolio, compete with information from other members, and research stocks with news and history graphs.  iTrade looks and feels like a real trading platform, only operates during actual trading hours, and even includes virtual broker fees.

Bloomberg – This app condenses all of Bloomberg’s business news, world markets data, stock information, and market analysis tools into a handheld format. You can personalize data that is presented throughout the day.

Thomson Reuters Marketboard – Stay up to date on global equity performance and access news, research and major "Street Events" like earnings releases, government reports, and industry conferences that are driving the markets.

CNBC Real TimeThe app delivers live, real-time stock quotes before, during and after stock market hours direct from the NYSE and NASDAQ.  It also allows you to create a customized stocks watchlist and provides company specific news, information on commodities and currencies, interactive charts, returns, key metrics, and breaking news and video-on demand. 

StockTwitsSee which stocks are being tweeted about the most and what topics are trending amongst investors, analysts, and other financial professionals and easily connect to join the conversation.

WSJ The digital version of the United States bestselling newspaper offers interactive pages, with pictures, videos, and slideshows.  The app also allows bookmarking stories for future reference.

TwitterLinkedInFacebook – The Holy Trinity of social media.  Whether you manage social media activity or just want to listen to industry chatter, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook allow you to stay keenly aware of hot industry topics and engaged with key journalists. 

RateWatch Quick view of the latest key interest rates and daily calendar economic indicators.

Yahoo! FinanceGet any financial information ranging from broad market indices to the details on a specific commodity at your fingertips.  Includes customized stock watchlists, exchange rate information, and a comprehensive market summary detailing daily news and market conditions.

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