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Journo behaviour on Twitter never ceases to fascinate

I’m fascinated by the way Twitter is changing the way business journalists operate.  Here are a couple of examples that struck me this week.

We’ve all seen some journalists saying they’re about to interview someone – in some cases asking for crowd-sourced questions from the great unwashed.  But increasingly we’re also seeing instant reaction that comes close to rating the interviewee.

Here’s Evan Davis on the BBC Today programme on Tuesday, telling us that’s he’s about to interview Anthony Jenkins of Barclays:

@EvanHD  At 0730 this morning we talk to Anthony Jenkins, the new (ish) CEO of Barclays. Is he a new broom or is it more of the same at the bank?

And then – five minutes after the interview – we get an instant verdict from our Evan:

@EvanHD   Because Anthony Jenkins didn't waffle and answered my questions succinctly and straightforwardly, we got through more than I'd expected

 Meanwhile at the Barclays presser Sam Coates tweets a pic of a key slide, while Jill Treanor comments on who isn’t present and the broadcast media market their coverage to come:

@SamCoatesTimes "No return to the old ways" as this chart demonstrates

@siobhankennedy4 Antony Jenkins Barclays boss says there will be no going back to the old ways of doing things. We get it, he says

@jilltreanor No sign of investment banking head Rich Ricci at the Barclays press conference, Antony Jenkins on the stage #business

And finally this week, The Economist is apparently encouraging its journalists to tweet their stories when the paper goes online on Thursday night, even though this seems to make something of a nonsense of its no-byline policy (but helpful for us PRs):

@EconCharlemagne  No to EUsterity. My column on the #EU#budget and the European Parliament's threat to veto it.

@spignal AIG: no longer finance's black sheep - but a closer look shows it still needs a lot of improving (me in The Economist)

 More journo-twitter observations soon.

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