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“Measuring and Monetizing Communications” - Cognito's Breakfast Byte

Measuring and Monetizing Communications

Cognito New York hosted its first Breakfast Byte of the year on March 20 at the 21 Club in Manhattan, and welcomed a record number of attendees to discuss the topic of “Measuring and Monetizing Communications.”

Measuring and Monetizing Communications

A distinguished panel including Bruce Rogers, CIO of Forbes, Susan Peter, Marketing Director of SimCorp and Michael Marinello, Global Communications Lead for Financial Products and Services at Bloomberg LP shared their insights around the importance of setting metrics for public relations and tracking progress toward them.

Measuring and Monetizing Communications

The breakfast panel was moderated by our own CEO Tom Coombes whose recent article for PR Week, “Come back AVE, all is forgiven” looks into leveraging data and other tools for demonstrating the value of public relations.

If you were unable to attend our event, a summary is below and a photo slideshow is here. If you’d like to be added to our list for invitations to future events, let us know!

Bruce Rogers – CIO of Forbes

Bruce shared his views on thought leadership, specifically “creating profitable brilliance.” He said, “Thought leadership is bringing forth the intellectual capital that's inside your company.” He encouraged the audience to follow seven rules:

7 Rules To Create Thought Leadership That Drives Results

  1. Stop “selling”--Trust is earned over time
  2. Identify the questions your customers are asking.
  3. Answer those questions in a way that adds value to your audience.
  4. Give your expertise away.
  5. Information “snacks” make people hungry for more
  6. Make it accessible and share-worthy (Have a distribution strategy)
  7. Iterate, Measure, Repeat

Susan Peter – Marketing Director of SimCorp

As Director of PR and Marketing for SimCorp, Susan is well aware of the need to demonstrate the value of communications. She noted that public relations must show the link between press announcements, media coverage and resulting new client acquisitions and general market awareness, and said, “Automations and systems for outcome analysis is a must.” Susan also pointed out journalists remain important third party voices in a world where social media easily allows companies to share their messages directly.

Michael Marinello – Global Communications Lead for Financial Products and Services at Bloomberg LP

Michael began his presentation with a quote from Bill Gates, who said, “If I was down to my last dollar, I'd spend it on public relations.” Michael said PR needs to prove its quantifiable value as an integral function of an organization, and also encouraged PR and Marketing professionals in attendance to consider the many tools to share and amplify company news: through earned, paid and owned media.

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