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A New Way to Think About Editorial Calendars

This week we launched a new Cognito Analytics product, Opportunities. We believe Opportunities represents an entirely new way of thinking about that most tedious of public relations tasks, the editorial calendar.

Editorial calendars, or ed cals in industry jargon, are primarily advertising tools that have been adopted as a useful tool for public relations programs. Ed cals are a way for public relations professionals to know in advance what a publication will be writing about and offer relevant sources for interviews and quotes early in the process.

Finding these editorial calendars has typically been a labor-intensive, time-consuming process, requiring digging through media packets and advertising booklets that are often buried deep inside publications’ websites or are only available after several calls to the advertising department. The rise of digital media has only complicated the process, with frequently changing publication schedules and faster newscycles.

For the resource strapped professional, alternatives have emerged. Huge databases appear that cover a wide spectrum of magazines, from Turtle Today to Popular Model Plane Building. No one massive database is complete, and these solutions suffer from missing or outdated information and poor searchability.

Opportunities is different.

Opportunities is the first editorial calendar service created by and exclusively for financial communications professionals. Cognito staff continuously analyze and cull features calendars from more than 100 key financial publications from North America, Europe and Asia. The data is tagged and searchable different search criteria, including target market, publication and industry.

Cognito Analytics Opportunities is updated daily as deadlines, topics and focus change with the news cycle. Opportunities allows users to create customized email alerts, sending reminders around approaching publication deadlines and letting users know when a new relevant opportunity is added to the system.

Our CEO Tom Coombes put it best: “Today’s financial communications and marketing professionals are drowning in irrelevant and inaccurate data provided by generalists. Cognito Analytics Opportunities is the first editorial product aimed at financial service companies designed and built by the people who do this work every day. This information is a part of having an integrated and coordinated approach to their content strategies.”

Opportunities is available free of charge to current retained Cognito communications clients. It is also available as a subscription to all financial service companies, including marketing and public relations agencies.

Opportunities is the latest addition to Cognito Analytics, a suite of online products that enables firms in the financial sector to improve their businesses through more effective use of market, media and competitive intelligence. Cognito Analytics’ proprietary technology is supplemented by analysts with extensive industry and PR experience who provide expert analysis and recommendations.

To order Cognito Analytics Opportunities or request a free trial, contact the Cognito Analytics team at @CognitoAnalytic, or go to the redesigned

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