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Cognito & Google Webinar

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This past week, Cognito worked in partnership with Google to jointly present an industry leading webinar on social media best practice in financial services. The deep sector knowledge from Cognito combined with Google’s unparalleled digital overview provided real insights and relevant discussions onone of the industry’s hottest topics. There was a particular focus on highlighting companies in the financial services who are using social media successfully, to drive real business impact.

Our presenters were:

Lee Bolger – Financial Services Lead, EMEA for Google (@Googleebo,

Vivienne Hsu- Director of Digital and Social for Cognito (@viv_hsu,

Throughout the hour-long interactive session, our presenters talked about the importance of social media as a critical component of the customer journey. Sharing some of their biggest challenges in driving social media adoption and top tips on how their peers can start using social media to better support their business strategies.

Below are some key takeaways:

Social media is becoming a critical part of the customer decision-making journey…

  • The social media universe is much broader than people think, different channels play different roles for customers
  • Understanding how social media influences the customer decision journey, demonstrates a fundamental shift in how we understand and reach our customers
  • Using social media in financial services can create positive brand perception and reputation

Social media allows brands to directly support and help their customers...

  • Humanising the brand and educating through social can provide a better customer experience and build advocacy
  • Customers appreciate direct contact with organisations especially with a personal approach (even in the B2B space)! - Social media can provide this at a scale and speed never seen before in our time

Readying your organisation to engage with social media is critical…

  • Using a holistic social strategy approach can set up organisations to use social media effectively
  • Understanding that social media lives across many different departments internally, but there needs to be an internal champion to make it happen
  • A centralised approach involving the key internal stakeholders ensures understanding the value of social to the organisation

In short, it is a new age now, and understanding the role and influence social media can have in your organisation will be key to staying ahead of your competition, growing your business, generating leads and staying connected to your customers.

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