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What's in a Brand?

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Cognito Refreshes its Identity and Positioning.

They say a brand isn't what you say about yourself, it's what others say about you. To that end, we would greatly appreciate your feedback!

Cognito has launched a new look. We have a new logo with new colors, new website, new imagery, new collateral and a new "Cognito Way" booklet (for public consumption). Soon there will also be new signage brandishing our new logo in all of our offices. We've rebranded all that we do. And here's why.

When the business started, we had a tagline of 'PR and Marketing in Finance and Technology'. It stated our focus and offering, and the positioning and identity served us well. We were clearly situated, and the identity was appropriate and appealing in the market. The logo was simple, elegant and sat well amongst other institutions in finance.

Today, some eight years later, we are still focused on finance and technology, but the landscape has changed and the ways that we help our clients has broadened. Today we are able to apply communications, marketing, design strategies and other tactics across organizations to drive real change in their businesses. New channels, including social and digital media, have made it possible for us to support our clients in many more areas. Our typical programs now include an array of thinking and an approach that was simply not available several years ago.

Last year we undertook a survey of a sample of clients to ensure we are addressing their needs as best as possible. One key trend was that their needs from their agency partners have become more important. In line with our new capabilities, particularly in social and digital, it thus became clear that our old tagline was no longer appropriate. We are now more advanced and better equipped to help our clients navigate and take advantage of the digital and social landscape that confronts them. Clearly many of our clients want and need the services that we have always offered, and PR and reputation management is still hugely important. Design and marketing are vital. But the reality is that more is now possible in the world of integrated marketing and communications. Cognito's values are no different than they were when we started. Our commitment to the industry and our clients' success is our number one priority. Our focus on attracting and retaining the best people in the market and our desire to deliver measurable improvement to our clients' businesses still remain the core of what we do.

The reality however is that Cognito is now more able than ever to consider our clients' problems in a truly holistic way, through more lenses, and deliver integrated communication solutions that really can drive your business forward in the market.

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