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Cognito Celebrates Kevin Roose’s Young Money

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In between appearances on NBC, CNN and CNBC earlier in the week and NPR and Bloomberg TV the day after, reporter and author Kevin Roose took a breather from his New York media blitz to toast the launch of his new book Young Money. From the economic crash of 2008 to Kevin’s party crashing in 2012, the book follows the lives of eight young analysts drawn to banking by the allure of security, success and status, and tests their commitment to the demanding lifestyle it requires.

It was our privilege to host Kevin’s launch party in support and celebration of the dynamic culture of Wall Street and the financial media who cover it.

Cognito President Dan Simon introduced Kevin and kicked off the party.

Kevin Roose extended thanks to his family, friends, Grand Central Publishing, New York Magazine and secret sources.

The Roose family congregated in New York to join Kevin in the celebration.

Goldman Sachs' former and current heads of corporate communications joined us in raising a glass to Kevin’s book.

Kevin Roose’s next endeavor (after a nap or two) includes bespoke cigars – very young money.

The gallery of event photos from Maddy Talias is here, and you can order the book via your favorite print or digital publisher here.

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