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Saving the Day, One Day at a Time

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We got our hands on a great presentation from SXSW covering, among other things, the PR genesis of “content marketing" by Mike Marinello of Bloomberg.

Marinello, Global head of communications for Bloomberg L.P., explains that today's content marketing is just another version of  "thinking about what other people say about us.” Developing content to manage that external perception, has been purview of the communications teams, since, well...since communications was invented.

Formerly on the comms team for Microsoft, Marinello cites Bill Gates as an executive who more than 20 years ago, instinctively understood that his company's brand is inexorably tied with what other people think. Today, we are at a tipping point, where content-led communications is informing all practices from PR, to marketing to sales. 

 Enjoy the presentation which ties in Eddie Izzard, Bill Gates, The Incredibles and Cognito Analytics.

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