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What happens at SIBOS, doesn't start at SIBOS: how to make an impact in Boston

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There is no doubt that SIBOS is a valuable and much anticipated exhibition and networking opportunity. As some tradeshows have seen a decline in attendance over the past few years, SIBOS remains a vibrant and vital opportunity for global financial services participants.

There are few times a year that the global financial community comes together in one place, so it’s important for firms to capitalize on this opportunity and make an impact on their colleagues and prospects.

Here are 3 tricks to keep your product and messaging in front of your competition:

1)   Offer free back rubs

Let’s face it, walking all day can take its toll on your muscles. So when you see a fellow conference-goer starting to slouch, offer a shoulder rub (at your booth or in the bar where they filmed Cheers) while he or she has a look at your latest fact sheet for risk mitigation software.

2)   Channel your inner Louis C.K.

There is irrefutable scientific evidence to support the fact that (s)he who tells the funny makes the money. SIBOS has a plethora of networking events where you can stand out in the bunch with a couple of one-liners. Here’s a pun-ny one that is sure to go over well at the UBS booth: I used to be a banker but I lost interest. KNEE SLAPPER, RIGHT? Be sure to quickly segue into how your product supports the bank transformation movement and you’re sure to have meetings lined up for next week.

3)   Exploit your regional advantage

As we all know, SIBOS is an international event, which has taken us to Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Toronto, Osaka and Dubai in the past 5 years. American attendees should stand out by leveraging their knowledge of the local landscape! Be sure to memorize some fun facts about Boston, for instance: did you know Alexander Graham Bell made the very first phone call from his Boston machine shop?

Whether you’re impressing fellow delegates with useless trivia, silly puns or your incredibly strong hands, there are few better opportunities to engage in such valuable dialogue with topic experts and executives of banking, payments and trade.

Come prepared to SIBOS. Know your audience and your targets. If there is a prospect or partnership you are interested in, do your homework; know their offering, know their space and bring supporting collateral to show how your businesses can align. Most of all, bring your personality. Business is ultimately built on relationships and we tend to work with those we like. Videos, giveaways, collateral and demos are all wonderful supporting assets, but you are the most memorable representative for your product and your enthusiasm will be key to making an impact at SIBOS. 

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