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Deloitte's Jonathan Copulsky Converses on Content

Photo for Deloitte's Jonathan Copulsky Converses on Content

Jonathan Copulsky, Chief Brand, Digital & CSR Officer, Deloitte came prepared to a lunch with the Financial Communications Society. Speaking to the assembled ad reps and agency professionals, he said: "Don't just sell me.....give me your best idea on how to activate our brand positioning."

But Deloitte has plenty of good ideas of its own. Backed by a substantial research team, Deloitte's communications group has pushed out top-notch content with the aim of raising awareness of the consulting side of its business. The latest campaign, anchored by a microsite, is geared toward's Deloitte's consulting arm audience - for both new business and recruiting. The site links to and hosts content from Deloitte University Press and with "collections" of content including: The Exceptional Company Collection, the CFO Transitions Collection

So here's an idea Jonathan: how about going retro with a give-a-way at Deloitte events or to prospective hires of one of the Library of Congress' books that shaped America.

I suggest the classic motivational text "How to win friends and influence people." Another option is the 99 cent Kindle executive summary version of this Benjamin Franklin-inspired book. And, maybe a sponsorship for the Library of Congress while you are at it.

Other ideas? Let Jonathan know!



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