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4 Tips on How to Measure Event Success from a PR perspective

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We all know that tradeshows and industry events are a large part of any company’s annual budget. They consume many internal resources, engage numerous external firms and yet, many still wonder what they contribute to the company’s bottom line.

By integrating measurement and KPI reporting from the outset, you can help show the value these events have on your firm.

Here at Cognito, we incorporate measurement in every strategy that we put together and have outlined four important tips to keep in mind when planning for an event:

1. Set your metrics early – Your KPI’s should be defined during the initial event planning phase. Once you have determined your business objectives you can begin to add certain metrics and KPI’s around them. Having a clear goal of where you want to end up will help you plan and create a relevant strategy and actions to achieve those metrics.

2. Loop in your colleagues – It’s important to set metrics with your colleagues, making sure all those that are participating in the event know which metrics they’re striving to meet. This can include colleagues in other regions as well as those in other roles or parts of the business.

3. Measure the event in a 360 degree view – Its best if you measure the event from all angles, including pre and post-event buzz and activity. Also, make sure that you’re capturing metrics and statistics from all of your activities, e.g. web traffic, social media statistics, leads, ad-clicks etc. You’re going to want to use these to support the objectives you initially set.

4. Summarize your successes – After the event, create a summary that’s short, sweet and highlights the objectives you initially set, how you met them and any other key successes. Tip: Make sure you’re summary is written in “business language” and is in a digestible format to make sure a wide audience can understand the report.

Happy planning!

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