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Sibos 2014: Staying True to its Roots and Innovating

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We were struck that while looking at the program for the upcoming Sibos Conference in Boston that the organizers, (and presumably with input from participants in past conferences) have again put together a great program. Why so? Sibos stays true to its roots, yet manages to integrate innovative content and ideas via new conference streams every year. For example, the Investment Manager’s Forum is new this year, focusing on the challenges of the investment management community, including “the impact of regulatory changes, growing pressures to improve operational risk and efficiency, the benefits of automation, and the scope for innovation.” A fitting theme in one of the country’s largest markets for investment management, with a ready audience that may not have yet attended Sibos.

What more, the expanded program this year reflects the increasing interconnectedness of the global financial community, not just in banking, but every facet, across multiple geographies and industries, most notably the technology industry, to which banking is inexorably linked. Sibos University will be tapping into the region’s leading institutions including Bentley, MIT, Harvard and others to provide access to their thought leaders and topics including market infrastructures, cloud technologies, risk management, the impact of mobile technology on money, and big data. In an area that enjoys such a rich concentration of innovators, this is fitting and worth exploration by attendees seeking to understand the forces that are impacting the industry now and in the coming years.

Finally, this year’s Innotribe includes the Startup Challenge 2014 Grand Finale, echoing the traditionally innovative nature of the greater Boston area that for decades that has provided the catalyst for great ventures and successful companies. In its sixth year, Innotribe informs attendees around the innovations that will define the financial industry, offering expert discussions and case studies that will focus this year on network disruptions.

Cognito is well on the way to planning our participation at Sibos as of this writing. And just as Sibos organizers have recognized the need for a broad, yet meaningfully connected agenda at the conference, our goal is similar; delivering excellence in fully integrated marketing and communications for financial services across our global client geographies.

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