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Some #FFs across media and finance

Call it the collector in me - I've decided to be a bit more consistent in a weekly follow friday list across, broadly, finance and media types that I find interesting and useful.

My September #FFs below, I intend to keep up a regular weekly #FF on some aspect of my twitter world, until I tire or run out of topics. Any suggestions most welcome!

‪#FF European big media tech journos ‪@muradahmed ‪@JamesDeanTimes ‪@markscott82 ‪@Pat_Lane ‪@OliverSmithEU ‪@jennschenker ‪@ruskin147 ‪@BBCRoryCJ

‪#FF digitalbanking gurus ‪@ColinSKerr ‪@WFSULLIVAN3 ‪@neverstressed ‪@B_Kislingbury ‪@pbucquet ‪@rob2775 ‪@StevePerryVE ‪@netbanker ‪@StGilesResident ‪

#FF fin trade assns ‪@TheWFE ‪@EMF_ECBC ‪@FIAEPTA ‪@fundsindustry ‪@FESEBrussels ‪@AIMA_org ‪@BVCA ‪@bbavoice ‪@BritishInsurers ‪@bankenverband

#FF bond journos ‪@RalphSinclair ‪@MTurner_mtni ‪@lucy_meakin ‪@JohnEGlover ‪@JonP_IFR ‪@drozymandias ‪@PhilipW_IFR ‪@CoveredBondMan ‪@AlexChambers

‪#FF French fin journos: ‪@gbenoit_of ‪@FabienZamora ‪@ChLejoux ‪@BenoitLety ‪@iChap_ ‪@adeguigne ‪@benmathieu ‪@NinonRenaud ‪@grainnemcc ‪@gmaujean

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