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With Great Content Comes Great Responsibility – 3 Quick Tips to Content Empowerment

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Consider today’s oversaturated media environment paired with a diminishing audience attention span and it doesn’t take an expert marketer to understand the challenge that beleaguers brands who are looking to enter the realm of thought leaders. And with the unprecedented access to consumer mindshare at our fingertips, it’s that much more important that brands be mindful and responsible about the content we produce.

To help you break through the surfeit of noise and produce powerful content that leaves consumers tingling with your brand promise, here are a couple tips to stronger, more thoughtful content.

1. A tastier model

When you think about the content that does tend to catch our eye – it’s usually a formidable trifecta of educational, entertaining and enlightening. But most of all, it’s snackable. The expression ‘less is more’ has never rung more true than now, and it’s time firms turned away from the content smorgasboard and towards content ‘tasters’ – refined bite-size pieces, accompanied by visually compelling graphics, that can be consumed in any situation and leave you wanting more. When in doubt, remember that it’s usually the smallest and best designed content that packs the biggest punch.

2. Be considerate

An important consideration to have in mind is the relevance behind your content. Too many marketers create content seemingly in a brand vacuum, without thought to the environment that their narrative is in and its potential significance or lack thereof to the reader. Consuming a piece of content on a company microsite will be markedly different to the experience of coming across it on Buzzfeed, so take some time to consider the readership and setting in which your content is positioned.

3. Don’t disrupt, connect!

So much of marketing talk revolves around being disruptive in a crowded marketplace, but as a recent Newscred event boldly suggested – it’s not so much about driving disruption than it is about fostering seamlessness. Creating the knowledge flow and binding tissue within a community and uniting customers with your mission is where the true value of the conversation lies. One need not look any further than content marketing powerhouses like GE and SAP to see the power of thoughtful storytelling and human connection.

Ultimately, the common goal for content regardless of your value prop is to bestow upon it a long shelf life, along with the legs for it to travel and be shared across the social space. And while optimization is important, the real battle is in serving content to your audience exactly how they want it and where they want it – creating more carefully considered and connective content that rises above the fray and takes your brand story with it.

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