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So You’ve Got an Infographic…

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With massive amounts of new content being created every day digitally and in print, it becomes harder for quality content to stand out. Consequently, infographics have become an extremely effective and popular way to communicate a salient message in an easily digestible, “snackable” visual format.

But we have found that many of our clients hit a roadblock when they’re trying to figure out exactly what to do with an infographic once it’s completed.

Like everyone, your customers prefer to consume content in different ways. For this reason, we recommend repurposing something like an infographic into various formats to ensure more customers and prospects will see your message.

Below you will find a brief list of a few examples and suggestions for how to maximize the reach your infographic can have by repurposing it into several different formats.


Turn it into a video
Oppenheimer Funds used this infographic and used the elements to animate this video


Share snippets through social
American Express shared statistics from this infographic on LinkedIn


Include in white papers or reports
ITG used this infographic to support points made in this report



Make it interactive
IBM applied the themes discussed in this infographic to make this interactive game

As you can see, infographics can be one of the most effective tools in your company’s content arsenal to reach new customers through varied formats. When prospects see you as a thought leader, they’ll be much more inclined to learn more about what you can offer than after any sales pitch!

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