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Mapping Success: Where Do You Start?

As the communications landscape is evolving, so must the way you measure and report to management. Cognito recently attended the PR News Measurement Conference in Washington D.C., where we were able to hear from companies that have implemented successful measurement programs over the past few years.

As communicators, there is a constant need (now more than ever) to prove value to management beyond just press clips. We need to be able to show how communications activities are impacting the business beyond press clips and number of tweets.

An international organization, AMEC, has helped create standards around measurement and has a framework you can find here, but here are steps to get you started:

Outline your endgame: What are the business goals and objectives you’re trying to contribute to?

  1. Talk to senior management: Set meetings with senior leaders to identify what they care about to ensure you’re reporting on things that matter.
  2. Roadmap how you reach your goals: Work backwards from your overall objectives to create communications tactics and strategies that will help reach your goal.
  3. Find the data: Identify data that matches the key metrics you’ve put in place.
  4. Benchmark: Pull baseline data so you have something to compare against.
  5. Create your dashboard: Create a dashboard that tells the story of your activities in relation to the business goals. Review, revise and iterate on a regular basis.

Putting together a measurement program that is meaningful and insightful can be time-consuming but it’s an investment that will ultimately help demonstrate and highlight the value activities and initiatives you’re leading are impacting the business overall.

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