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The lion still roars at 50

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From the world’s cleanest city, to the first night race, to one of the best airports in the world, Singapore is on the list. Singapore is every business traveller’s paradise. You name it, we’ve got it.

Singapore turns 50 next month and massive celebrations are underway to celebrate the nation’s golden jubilee. Being the ambitious nation that it is, Singapore hosted the 28th Southeast Asian Games in June. A week later and we saw F-16 fighter jets cruising through the air in a “50” formation for this year’s National Day Parade.

The city that never sleeps – ask anyone who has visited, worked and lived in Singapore, and they will tell you. Have you really not visited Singapore? Well, there is no excuse.

Singapore’s name comes from the Malay words “Singa” for lion and “Pura” for city. We can confirm that lions don’t roam the city, but legend has it a 14th Century Sumatran prince spotted an auspicious beast (probably a Malayan tiger) upon landing on the island after a thunderstorm. The rest as they say, is history.

A vibrant city-state located in the heart of Asia, Singapore offers global investors unparalleled access to global markets and well-established business infrastructure.

Singapore is now home to over 200 banks, a growing number of which have also chosen to base their operational headquarters here to service their regional group activities. The appointment of a Renminbi (RMB) clearing bank in Singapore brings important new RMB capabilities to the Singapore financial system. It enables financial institutions in Singapore and across the region with a wide range of RMB products and services, to better meet the financing, investment and risk management needs of the market.

Consultancy and research groups such as WealthInsight, expects Singapore to overtake Switzerland as the world’s largest offshore wealth centre by 2020. A correction in late June on Singapore stocks has made the local market a more attractive bet vis-a-vis its regional peers on two fronts: valuation and yield. A fierce competitor and winner of multiple awards and accolades over the years, Singapore is one of the most lauded business destinations in Asia.

Lonely Planet has crowned Singapore the ‘Best in Travel 2015’ and if that doesn’t give you more reasons to visit us in October then perhaps the hawker fare, service standards and its offerings as a financial hub might entice you further. Singapore is every foodie’s playground. From local street fare to Michelin-starred establishments, food and dining options are made available 24/7 and an excellent conversation starter when you’ve run out of one during drinks at Sibos 2015.

Top tip: Make sure you bring sun-screen.

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